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8. Jules et Jim

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The film starts in Paris 1900. Two friends, Jules (Oskar Werner) an Austrian, and Jim (Henri Serre) a Frenchman, fall in love with Catherine (Jeanne Moreau).

The film relates how their relationship evolves with the years .Initially they live in a conventional French menage a trois, but eventually Catherine marries Jules.

During the Great War (WWI) the two men fight on opposite sides, but are reunited after the war. They meet again in Germany. Catherine falls in love with Jim - recreating the classic love triangle.

There again, perhaps its a parable about the state of Europe in the early twentieth century. Or is it an allegory about strength and weakness, fatalism and the human condition.

See what you think.

Genre: Drama / Romance
Year: 1961
Directed by: François Truffaut
Writing credits
Henri-Pierre Roché (novel)
François Truffaut (adaptation)
Runtime :105 min
Country: France
Colour: Black and White
Sound Mix: Mono

Jeanne Moreau, Catherine
Oskar Werner, Jules
Henri Serre, Jim
Vanna Urbino, Gilberte
Boris Bassiak, Albert
Anny Nelsen, Lucie
Sabine Haudepin, Sabine, la petite
Marie Dubois, Thérèse
Michel Subor, Narrator

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